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The Ultimate Foam Roller Blueprint

The Ultimate Foam Roller Blueprint
was Created for You.

In our 14 years of being in the Rehabilitative Massage field we have seen a wide range of clients.

We have worked with professional athletes, collegiate athletes, adults who love to participate in marathons and dance instructors who had a goal to reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, and regain healthy, functional muscles.

We also have worked with many stay at home moms and weekend warriors reduce tight backs and sore necks.

We also see many retirees who want to enjoy their retirement without muscular pain or injury holding them back from traveling and enjoying their retirement.

All of our clients learn foam roller skills so they can continue self care at home. Since there are different goals and levels of ability for each client, we change and adapt the foam rolling techniques we show them.

As we were developing the Ultimate Foam Roller Blueprint we saw a need to customize a the program for the different types of clients we see.

That lead us to create three different Foam Roller Blueprints; Athletic Adults, Collegiate and High School Athletes and Active Adults.