Quick Guide to Replacement RDT Oils .

If you are like me, you want to know the “WHYs” behind things.  In this video I’ll explain why I added each oil to this Quick Guide of possible replacement oils. 

Do you love talking Raindrop??  I invite you to join fellow Raindroppers in “Adapting Raindrop”, a private Face Book Group.  We discuss tips and tricks and how to tailor your Raindrops to fit each person you work with.

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Christina Hagan, LMBT, LCCI, M.Ed ​

Christina is a Fully Certified C.A.R.E. Instructor and has been teaching nationally ​with C.A.R.E since 2006.  ​She has been offering Raindrop in her massage practice to a wide variety of people since 2004. 

She started “Adapting Raindrop”, a private Face Book group which focuses on giving tips and tricks to help members feel more confident giving a Raindrop.  They also discuss different ways to tailor Raindrop to support each person.

Christina holds a Masters degree in Education and taught as a Special Ed. Teacher for 12 years.

Christina’s Super Power is taking a complex topic and breaking it down to small bits that are easy to understand.

Christina is not medical doctor.  This is  for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.