The First Three Steps to a More Flexible, Pain-Free Body
Step 3 Foam Rolling

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We are so proud of you!  You have made it this far in your journey towards having a more flexible and pain-free body.

You have taken our crazy advice of setting a time every 15 minutes to work on your posture habit.  You are also adding 10 minutes of movement into your day 1-3X, while adding some dynamic stretches!

These are new habits and we are excited that you followed through.  We know your body is feeling better in just these few days with these 2 new habits.

Now, for the next step that will put it all together!

In this first video you will learn:

  • Why foam rolling will support you in your goal to have a more flexible and pain-free body.
  • The best foam roller to use to meet this goal.
  • Three secretes that will make your foam rolling effective.

Your Homework for the Next two Days:

  • Determine if you still need the 15 minute posture reminder.  Our guess is you don’t.  Correct your posture as you feel yourself slipping out of good posture.

  • Continue to add in 1-3 ten minutes walks in your day using the dynamic and static stretching.

  • Incorporate the three secrets to foam rolling and foam roll one time a day.

This is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.
It is your responsibility to check with your doctor or physical therapist if you have concerns about participating in these activities.

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