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At our office, we see two different types of adults;
Athletic Adults and Active Adults. 

To fit the unique needs of these two different populations, we are developing separate self care programs. 
Athletic Adults are those who are participating in marathons and Iron-Man.  Perhaps they do their sport for as their job, such as a dance instructor or professional runner.  They are highly motivated in their sport to be the best they can be.  Often these clients tell me they just finished running 13 miles, or biking 7 hours.  The Ultimate Foam Roller Blue Print for Athletic Adults is meant to help these adults continue to participate in their chosen sport at this high, advanced level. 

Active Adults are those who love to be active, but are finding that sore and tight muscles are holding them back.
They love to jog, hike, and travel.  They want to keep up with their kids or grand kids, and don’t want to feel older than their years. They want to be able to coach their kid’s sports team, run with their dog in the park or participate in a race without worrying that they might hurt themselves.

The Program for Active Adults is being created and we’ll let you know when it is ready!

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