Are you wondering HOW Foam Rolling is really going to Reduce Your Tight & Sore Muscles?

Maybe you’ve tried foam rolling.  Maybe you’ve see someone foam rolling at the gym and wondered what impact is it really having on the muscle.

I’m giving you a sneak peak at one of the lessons in Purposeful Foam Rolling online program so you can get as excited about foam rolling as me!  I want you to fully understand WHY your muscles are TIGHT and WHAT foam rolling does to your muscles to reduce that chronic tightness you are dealing with.

It is a 16 minute video, so give yourself some time to listen.  I know you will find it valuable!

I hope that explains WHY foam rolling can be so effective when used consistently.  You can use these tools alone or you’ll see and feel fasting results when you use Purposeful Foam Rolling in conjunction with work you are doing with your Massage Therapist, Chiropractor or Physical Therapist.

You can get full access to Purposeful Foam Rolling in two ways.