Wondering HOW Foam Rolling can Reduce Your Tight & Sore Muscles?

This video is the Welcome video for our On-Line Course  “Purposeful Foam Rolling”.

I wanted to show you how purposeful foam rolling can offer so many benefits to your muscles.

Are you worried that YOU can’t foam roll?

Many people have the same concern.  We believe that foam rolling is NOT just for athletes.  It is for Moms, Dads, Pre-retires, and retires.  It is for YOU, so we made options and adaptations to fit your current mobility level. 

View these three videos to see how we adapted the techniques.   If you can get up and down from the floor easily, then you can foam roll your calf muscles with the Primary Version

If you can get on the floor, but you can’t lift yourself off the floor with your arms, use Option B.

If you are worried that you can not get up and down from the floor, then stay seated and used the Adapted Version.

Back of the Lower Leg
Primary Version

Back of the Lower Leg
Option B

Back of the Lower Leg
Adapted Version

We hope this helps you see that there are many ways to foam roll your calf muscle, and how this muscle has such a great impact on your knee, ankle, foot and toe health!  This is the information you will learn for each muscle group.

To get full access, choose which option works best for you: